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Our company recognises the need to protect the natural environment. We have implemented an environmental policy to promote and maintain environmentally responsible practices.

We are aware of our environment impact and continue to take appropriate steps to mitigate that impact by focusing on:

  • Reduction of waste and effective waste management
  • Recycling activities and taking steps to actively promote recycling across our company
  • Reduction of water in our daily activities and reducing our energy consumption
  • Implementing procedures and providing training so employees understand their environmental responsibilities
  • Identifying compliance gaps with the ISO 14001 standard and use as a framework going forward
  • Working with circular economy and resource efficiency experts to improve our business activities
  • Promote the use of sustainable materials in our supply chain and new product development
  • Ensure that materials are sourced from certified sources to prevent deforestation which contributes to endangering species
  • Optimise the procurement of goods to reduce carbon footprint: corrugated category reduced from 263 miles per delivery to 20 miles per delivery
  • Compliant with the Packaging Waste Legislation
  • Working with suppliers on using 33% recycled materials within plastic products where applicable

Our policies are communicated to our staff and reviewed on an ongoing basis.

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