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Meet the Team - Paul Malone

March 2023

Can you please start by explaining a little bit about your role?

My job role is to make sure there is enough materials on site to produce to a plan on time and in full for sending out to customers. So essentially, I am material controller and line planner rolled into one. Between myself and my colleague, Laura, we make plans for 7 different production lines and ensure stock levels are at a level where we meet customer demand and forecasts, but do not reach levels where supply exceeds demand. I know it's a cliche, but no two days are the same in supply chain and it is extremely fast moving - especially in food manufacturing. Although planning involves exactly what it says on the tin 'planning ahead' there are always situations that arise to disrupt those plans. So, planning is as much reactive as proactive. However, I do have my reports which are run daily which are vital in carrying out the jobs. This involves various material control and stock reports.

How long have you worked at R&W Scott?

I have now been working here for 10 and a half years. When I first joined, I was a Process/Product Technologist and then moved into Planning after 1 year.

How did you come to join R&W Scott?

It was my first full time job out of University. I had always known the 'jam factory' growing up with a lot of my friends from Carluke and, being a proper foody, thought it would be a great opportunity. I applied online and the rest, as they say, is history.

Is this the job you had always planned to do?

I studied business at Uni, which covered all areas of business. So, in a way, I suppose yes! In my third year at Uni I carried out an industrial placement with an IT company but in Planning/Reporting department, so you could say it was written in the stars!

What advice would you give to someone joining the business?

Always have a can-do attitude. Like any job, it has its setbacks but if you think positively, take a step back and look at the bigger picture, then it will always work out in the end. The managers in the business are all experienced to provide support. 

What is your favourite product - past or present?

I would say that the dessert sauces are in a league of their own. The butterscotch sauce is especially delightful. I have worked my way through tubs and tubs of the stuff with a spoon!

Paul Malone (Planning Team Leader) 10 Year Work Anniversary

If you could switch jobs with someone, who would it be and why?

I'm a big Masterchef fan, and always wanted to be one of the food critics that basically sit, get fed and get to say what they want about the food. Also, they get paid a fortune for eating!

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