Chocolate Flavour Coatings

R&W Scott produce a wide range of Chocolate Flavour Coatings that are perfect for a variety of bakery applications. Our range includes value and premium products, as well as health-based products, which offer a healthier alternative to our traditional chocolate coatings.

Transform your cakes and bakes...

Our all-purpose coatings are available in different recipes to suit your requirements using a range of hydrogenated and non hydrogenated oils. Flavours include White, Milk, Dark, Blended, Yoghurt and Toffee Caramel. These coatings will provide an excellent glossy finish with good yield and snap properties.


R&W Scott Chocolate Flavour Coatings are supplied in drop, block and bulk liquid form. They have been created for easy melting making them ideal for a wide range of bakery applications, such as moulding, dipping, spinning and coating. There is no need to temper our chocolate flavoured coatings - simply melt, apply and allow to cool.


Responsible Sourcing

As part of ongoing efforts to make more sustainable choices, R&W Scott are members of RSPO and UTZ. We have a range of Chocolate Coatings which can be made using Mass Balance, Segregated Palm Oil and UTZ Certified Cocoa.  

Health & Nutrition

R&W Scott supply a health & nutrition range including No Added Sugar, Reduced Sugar and Protein Enriched Chocolate Flavoured Coatings. This range offers an excellent, quality solution for products with specific nutritional requirements and has been made using non-hydrogenated MB oil.

New Product Development (NPD)

Our expertise, focus on innovation and reputation for speed of response allows us to cater to our customer's requirements. We offer a range of products in addition to our standard product range, please contact us to see how we can best help your business. 

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