Retail Jam

Our journey in jam dates back to 1873 when we started as a jam and fruit growing business. We have now perfected our delicious range of jams and preserves, which have been made with the highest quality ingredients and offers great versatility.


strawberry .jpg
Scott's No Added Sugar Strawberry Jam 340g

Prepared with 35g fruit per 100g.

raspberry.jpg Scott's No Added Sugar Raspberry Jam 340g

Prepared with 36g fruit per 100g.

blackcurrent.jpg Scott's No Added Sugar Blackcurrant Jam 340g

Prepared with 25g fruit per 100g.

marmalade.jpg Scott's No Added Sugar Marmalade 340g

Prepared with 20g fruit per 100g.

 apple jelly.jpg  Scott's Apple Jelly 340g

Prepared with 38g fruit per 100g.

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